Posted by: Linda B | November 30, 2009


So I post two end tables and a shelf on Craigslist. I get a nibble and respond that they’re still available… and then this:

I’m very busy with work and other important obligations, I would have loved to meet you in person but presently i am out of town for business. I will like to proceed with payment via E-check.

E-check is a means of sending bank check to your e-mail instead of mailing it to you as i can’t get around to mail a check at the moment. You will only need a business check paper to print the check from your e-mail and have it cashed. You will be able to purchase the business check paper at staples, walmart, office max or any stationery store at cost of $20.

I will reimburse you with the cost of supplies to your asking price. I’m in no rush with you till funds has been cleared before pick up though the shipping co agent will pick up the item .I will await your email with the following information so that i can send the check to you once you have the supplies.

1) Full Name(2) Address and(3) Phone Number.(4)Amount Asking

Get back to me asap.

Best Regards

Why do I think I’d be hornswoggled?



  1. Note to self: No answer on the email sent in return. Yep, I would been a chump.

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