Posted by: Linda B | January 9, 2010

popcorn in my teeth

I love my Mom. I can almost forgive her for nearly making me spit out my coffee when I read the bit about licking the bag.

So get this! Your Dad and I decided to go to the movie. We went to see “Avatar” 3 D . After we got over the shock of paying 22.00 for the 2 tickets and the 3D glasses, we thought we’d better have some popcorn as it was 4pm and we hadn’t eaten. So after we shelled out 24.00 dollars for 2 Medium popcorn with butter and 2 Medium soda pops, and I started breathing again (there are no prices to tell you what anything cost!), we went to get our seats.

There we sat like sardines or at least I did as Dad put his coat on the next seat. I didn’t get a chance to do that before the guy beside me sat and took over both arms. I wasn’t comfortable leaning back in the seat, as I usually like to sit up instead of slouched. So I’m sitting straight with no back and my arms pulled in to my sides. Oh yeah and I’m eating my popcorn cause at that price I’m licking the bag later.

So now the movie starts. Now as you know I don’t see 3D like you guys do. Matter of fact I could see better with both glasses off, mine and the 3 D ones. Now Dad says to me “we should have gone to the regular one and not 3D cause every time they move the background is blurred”. OK we are in it for the haul now.

Needless to say if you have seen the commercials you have just about seen the whole movie. It’s long and if the people would have let me I’d could have told them what was going to happen next.

We ‘d have been better off to buy the movie (our screen is just as big) and I made the popcorn, as mine is better anyhow, than to spend that kind of money. I saved my $ 3.50 – 3D glasses as a reminder why we don’t go to the movies, and why we shouldn’t go again. That man is making a fortune with this and all I got was popcorn in my teeth and a pair of Men in Black glasses.


  1. *lmao* What a GREAT read!!

  2. Oh, I do like your mom!

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