Posted by: Linda B | January 14, 2010

indelible performance

No less than eight hours a day, five days a week, sometimes more, for more than six years.

You shared your dreams. Plans. Awareness.  Concerns. Wit. Diatribe. Sobering commitments.

You planned; tore down; rebuilt.  Did it again. You watched people approach with excitement. Scrutinous and fair.

Laughter. Contemplation. Pranks and practicality.

You witnessed departures -now your own – most often with pragmatism but with compassion as well.  Honorably.

You taught. You learned. You respected. You questioned. You shared. You took.  And Gave.

Give. Give. Give.

Inspirational. Aspirational.

With the muses of history bound in hand and the graces regarded for more than pretty faces.    Truth.

Belief.  Faith.

[spectacularly unwavering and always when it mattered]

It matters now.

Believe in yourself.

These and many more unspoken words are accompanied only by silent applause, immeasurable gratitude and an untouchable appreciation for your indelible performance.



  1. A truly lovely tribute!

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