Posted by: Linda B | January 23, 2010


10 am yesterday it became official. We move to Memphis by July.

I look around this quirky house that has been our home for only a bit more than year and I know that I will miss it. The “stairs of death”, the ugly paneling I’ve yet to paint, the “walk in closet” that is a sauna in the summer and a freezer locker in the winter, the half dead holly tree outside that still holds bird feeders and resting places for squirrels and our kind landlord on his little cart puttering around.

I look out the window and even though Maryland isn’t especially green right now, I’ll miss that.

I’ll miss coffee from the corner.  I’ll miss knowing where the local … everything is.

I’ll have to give up future seasons of Volleyball [just when I got to be a coach!].

I’ll miss knowing my parents are only an hour’s drive away [even though I didn’t visit as often as I could have – always the case].

I’ll miss September. I don’t think it will be the same.

World Overcomers

I’m apprehensive about the apparent crime [even if it’s in decline], mentality of residents  and the culture.

“In 2006, Memphis ranked number one in violent crimes for major cities around the U.S according to the FBI’s annual crime rankings, where it had ranked 2nd in 2005.”

“Memphis’ race problems seem to be either the eternal struggle for payback or using grievance as a justification for present-day bad behavior.” someone named “Mike”

What I won’t miss… I won’t miss not having a decent place to walk the dogs.

Sometimes all it takes is one thing to keep you cheerful and in this case… it’s finding a house with a fenced in yard. Finally.

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