Posted by: Linda B | May 17, 2010

for themselves

Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images


I just spent 68 minutes searching the internet for the perfect alarm clock.

I want one that isn’t a glowing beacon reminding you just how many hours you don’t have left to sleep…

you know, one you can’t see at night, unless you push the button for the back-light?

I want the option of setting 7 days worth of different alarms (and for two separate people/schedules).

I prefer no tick-tocking, no humming, and no obnoxious beeping but rather a gradual wake up.

Oh, adjustable and descending snooze times would be lovely… and maybe look half-way decent?

Apparently it’s really hard to do that since I can’t find one… or maybe it’s a secret I’m not allowed to know yet or maybe the dogs are all keeping them for themselves…


  1. Perhaps you aren’t being specific enough…

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