Posted by: Linda B | June 3, 2010

monster phobia

...not my view...

Traditionally beds go “headboard against a wall” and that especially holds true if you don’t have a headboard at all..

I mean, your pillows will fall off otherwise or worse yet maybe your head will fall off…

or at least on the outside those are the “logical” reasons.

Yet… this new house has a bedroom view that is too damned beautiful to look at sideways. The bed NEEDS to be right in front of the window so you can wake up looking out on the lake and the skies above…

but even with that, on the inside I’m thinking… having your bed in the middle of the floor allows one more side for monsters to grab your leg (or head!) and pull you under.

But that’s just me being silly, right?

Huh. Turns out I’m not the only silly one… seems commentor #7, #8, and others are right there with me on the monster phobia!

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