Posted by: Linda B | February 21, 2011

heart breaks for you

There are certain people you meet in life that touch you. Change you.

Sometimes these people only pass through your life with their written word, their art, their photography.. some are people you will never meet or talk to, but every now and again there are others that are “real”… reachable in some way. You may never shake their hand, hug them or share a look, but you know them by some exchange – maybe only in writing or a phone call. Long distance. But you are touched by them.

Some stay and are a part of your every day [unfortunately these often blend into the “every day” and their worth is under-appreciated]. Some are there in a prominent way, but in time are no longer in front of you, not in your thoughts every day, a bit forgotten [but never really lost].

Some do not realize or know the impact they have. It’s up to us to tell them.

And some will never know the impact they have because what really changes you is something that happens to them. Some thing that happens to them and in turn slaps the hell out of you with such a shock that all you can do is sit and cry for awhile.

Melia – my heart breaks for you.


  1. Beautifully and eloquently stated. I felt that slap too and I never even exchanged a word with her. Maybe it is because it is every parent’s worst nightmare. I just have found myself really affected by her tragedy. My heart aches for her and her family.

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