Posted by: Linda B | October 6, 2011

how I am

Three years ago I wrote the first post here. Not a terribly large amount of content in between but there for awhile I was hanging in there, starting to get a groove on. Then it turned into small bits. Big gaps. Emptiness. Silence.

I miss those I used to know in this virtual realm that fueled me, inspired me to write by simply sharing their lives… [but I bet there are plenty of others to be found]. Sometimes [often] I miss myself. Mostly.

I’ve gotten lost in the “where to put things” quest. On paper for privacy. In my head for the times I don’t make the time to write [this is the least wise place to store stuff…]. And then there’s Flickr and Kidmondo and Facebook and Google+ and and and…

… and the new love of my life [gladly] has my every waking non-working moment consumed.

But I miss me [just a little] and I have to remember to check [now and again] who and how I am.


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