Posted by: Linda B | October 7, 2011

facebook ate it

It’s not a lack of things to blog about, it’s a lack of discipline in my head to actually pick a topic and write…

… why I waste so much time on Facebook.
… why can’t I figure out what my passion is [can a person actually not have one and still be happy?]
… how in awe I am about being a mother.
… how I feel about my own mother [and father] moving into town.
… who do you [you who may have wandered in] allow to read your blog? Is it private? do you share with your family? your friends? co-workers? have you been burned?
… my inability to get off my ass and get back in shape after pregnancy [that might be a short but rude rant].
… godparents.
… daycare.
… self care.

Where’s the kick starter? Anyone seen mine? I seem to have forgotten where I put it. Maybe Facebook ate it.


  1. Hmm.. facebook, the instant connection with people. You *know* who is reading because they have been pre-approved. There’s a definite feeling of security there.

    I have not blogged at all this year, mainly for that reason. Not knowing. I am rebuilding my site, though facebook keeps distracting me. lol

    So neat that your p’s are moving to be nearer. 🙂

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