Posted by: Linda B | October 14, 2011

what comes next

I want to write something profound and moving about you being six months old today.

Something I could show you when you’re older so you’d know how I feel. Maybe something clever or funny.

What I came up with in the end is that no matter the words, you’ll never understand how I feel. You won’t be able to until [if] you have your own child. Not really.

I can try to tell you how very in love with you I am [and I mean every.single.little thing – your eyes as they devour the world around you, your little cries & laughs day & night, the way you smile at me when I peer over the edge of your crib, your defiant little left/right stompy walk, your boogery nose, your first Hershey Kiss poop, even your 4am wake up calls and especially your zombie baby attacks] … but you can’t possibly understand or realize how important, how entirely filling and consuming, it all is.

I can no longer imagine the world without you in it.

Happy [6 month] birthday, little man. I can’t wait to see what comes next…


  1. I think you DID write something profound and moving 🙂

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