Posted by: Linda B | January 22, 2012

I’m still going.

Tomorrow I’m going to my first protest/demonstration.

I’m not sure how I feel.  On fire to make a difference. Aware that we probably won’t. Sad about that but aware. Pissed that I already feel the sour taste of frustration. 

And nervous.

It’s a peaceful, silent protest but still… when you become a parent, you start to understand that everything you do can (will) have an impact on your child.  Will some ridiculous fool get violent? Will I be harmed? Will *I* get violent if things ramp up?

I want to be strong enough to stand up for the things I believe in so that when my son is old enough to understand, he too will do the same… but then I worry that as a mother I should give up the right to put myself at risk for the things I believe in.

I’m still going.



  1. All your points are valid! I’m glad your went!

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