Posted by: Linda B | August 23, 2015

Euthanasia: a mask for cruelty at Memphis Animal Services

Euthanasia. It is a word meant to be filled with reverence and mercy; a selfless decision to release a loved one from their suffering and likely the hardest thing you will face concerning your pet. It is the ultimate gesture of love for another living being.

It is not the word you should see printed at the top of a spreadsheet to reflect the shocking volume of companion pets killed at your local shelter and it certainly should not be the mask to acts so heinous that once uncovered criminal indictments and convictions of cruelty are handed down.

But in Memphis, that is exactly what happens.


I relocated from Baltimore to Memphis mid-2010 and as I made my way into the city on a major interstate, I spotted a pack running along the tree line – two dogs and a pig.  Yes, a pig.  I had no idea what to think about that but it seemed bewilderingly funny at the time.

Two weeks later I had counted four deceased dogs roadside and even more strays that flirted with the same fate.  It became less funny.  No amount of barbecue, music fests or trips to Graceland could erase the images.

Within a month one of those strays showed up in my yard and I wouldn’t know for another 24 hours that I’d made my first mistake in Memphis.   I called Animal Control.

It took them hours to arrive but I was proud of myself for doing a good deed – surely this long-haired, affectionate fellow would soon be reunited with his family or adopted! I patted myself on the back for saving a life.

The next morning I found my mailbox stuffed with articles from a concerned neighbor about my call to Memphis Animal Services – the place I’d just sent that friendly dog – and the advice to “just leave the next dog loose”.

The articles were from February 2010 regarding a raid on the local animal shelter resulting in the Director, Shelter Supervisor and veterinarian of Memphis Animal Services (MAS) being indicted for animal cruelty.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  I still had the notion that shelters are relatively good places, offering a safe haven for (most) pets, filled with caring people who want to find homes and care for the homeless, putting only the worst of cases of illness or injury to death if given no other choice.  Right?


Then I saw petitions, blog pages and news clips highlighting the tragic conditions at MAS.  Just months prior, reputable groups such as the ASPCA and American Humane Association were involved in a raid and qualified, skilled investigators that has assisted with the Michael Vick case found Memphis pets deprived of basic care such as food and water. Media reported that several starved dogs had to be euthanized as a result of their condition. The photos are painful to view.


And when you see and read about Memphis Animal Services… you do not think of the word euthanasia. You think ineptitude. You think cruelty. You think abuse. You think murder.

And then you stop thinking for a while – because the overwhelming feeling of horror prevents rational thought.

The terrible truth about Memphis’ animal control is hard to accept and impossible to understand because, even if you could manage to ignore the horrific counts of abuse/cruelty, the reality is that in less than 3 years nearly 16,000 animals have been killed by “euthanasia”.

Sixteen thousand homeless pets thrown away in black plastic bags.

For most, a number like that is hard to relate to – but try imagining 8 out of every 10 seats at a Grizzlies game being attended by corpses, imagine the Autozone Park propping up 1.5 body bags per seat.  Stadiums of homeless animals killed for space… time… too young, too old…

It leaves you incoherent with disbelief and outrage. It leaves one with the decision to get involved and be their voice, or … believe the mask.

See, in Memphis the column labeled “euthanized” is not the “isn’t-it-sad-about-the-over-population-problem” where shelter staff sit in front of a computer screen frantically searching for a rescue to save any of the incredibly adoptable pets or desperately dialing multiple contacts because they are truly bereft that they could not find an adoptable dog or cat a home.

It’s about..

The shocking list goes on.  There are more links below, including the gut wrenching report from the undercover detective who had to endure being a witness to some of these illegal and immoral acts.


It’s been five years since that first opening of my eyes [and how I wish I could close them] to the ongoing tragedy in Memphis and the devastation and frustration our community feels every day has not diminished. There continues to be no accountability for this “Canine Concentration Camp” called Memphis Animal Services and Mayor A.C. Wharton was recently quoted as telling the public to “put up or shut up” with regard to the shelter’s management as he continues to support the current administration.

Memphis Animal Services is notoriously acknowledged across the globe for its history of cruelty and abuse – it is not for the weak of heart or stomach – and the only way back from this vicious cycle of indifference is a new mayor, a new director and new leadership across the board when it comes to animal welfare in Memphis.

While the protests continue, global online petitions are created (and ignored), advocacy groups demand meetings with the mayor (only to be pushed off to an assistant to handle) and rescue groups struggle daily to save the lives of homeless pets (while animal control culls them for financial ground) – pets are still being killed.

I ask each of you refuse the word euthanasia on spreadsheets. Call it what it is.

It is the uninspired, unimaginative, unwilling shelter leadership that results in the unnecessary death of highly adoptable companion animals.

It is merciless, blue-liquid death administered fatally through a syringe and it is catastrophic – for the pets and for those who desperately want to save them.

It is killing. It is not euthanasia.


Resources and additional articles at…

Online petitions



  1. Linda, I can’t even imagine. I thought our shelter was horrible 😦
    Just an FYI, of all the petitions you listed only the last two are actively acceping signatures. Maybe you could move them to the top of the list so they can garner more names. Thank you for your well written and eye opening piece.

    • Ashley – thank you for having the tenacity to work your way through those links. Unfortunately, online petitions have garnered no interest from our Mayor, though the media has taken interest in the past. With over 6,000 signatures on the most recent petition, the mayor still decided to avoid discussion with a local advocacy group (SOS Memphis) and sent someone in his stead. Until leadership changes from the very top, no volume of signatures will change what we face. (But we will keep trying!)

      • Perhaps you should put out a notice for all of the animal lovers to converge on the Mayors office and see about getting a lawyer pro bono, there are some who take cases like this of animal abuse, to represent them and try and get things changed.

        • I live in eastern TN so I could not join with others in marching on the Mayor’s office, but I think perhaps that idea should be explored if petitions are simply ignored.

      • Maybe send this to several news stations, maybe some public figures like Ophry, Matthew McConneghy , Joe Rilly, Glenn Beck, 20/20 , ect. Maybe one of them would look into it.

        • I agree . Send so one famous with pull . Please stop this . It’s horrific

  2. This is KILLING not euthanasia!!! Shame on the system that has fallen so low. These animals are being abused to the extreme because nobody is making sure the system works. Is this happening in a country that should be defined as CIVILISED?!? I’m shocked and disgusted.

  3. Stop the killing and cruelty to animals!

    • Cecilia Maida Christina Malchow , the only reason this anger has started up again against this shelter in TN where I live, is simply because they have started checking up on the animals that go to Rescues here, and can not be shipped to the north, NYC mainly!!!!!!! Is not what you guys fighting for is a no kill NYC?????How will it ever be a no kill NYC if every kill shelter in USA sends animals to NYC?????

  4. This is horrifying. Changes should be made immediately. These poor animals are treated like garbage. I was planning a trip to Memphis but after reading about what is happening to these poor animals, I will be making other plans. Please have some compassion.

  5. This is shameful and must stop. This is pure evil!

    • Cecilia Maida Christina Malchow , the only reason this anger has started up again against this shelter in TN where I live, is simply because they have started checking up on the animals that go to Rescues here, and can not be shipped to the north, NYC mainly!!!!!!! Is not what you guys fighting for is a no kill NYC?????How will it ever be a no kill NYC if every kill shelter in USA sends animals to NYC?????

  6. Thank you for telling it like it is. They need to be stopped.

  7. Please stop animal cruelty. Please stop killing these animals. Please spad and nueter instead of killing these animals.

  8. You should really file a report outside of your area. One organization that can be brought in to investigate is Animal Rescue Corps, out of Washington D C.

    If you have enough info to report cruelty, the address is

    • There have been numerous organizations that have been involved in the past and that’s when indictments were handed out (and some convictions). When there is unquestionable and sufficient proof, action is taken (though little done by our city leaders). And unfortunately the ongoing “mistakes” that happen don’t seem to be enough to warrant the removal of key staff.

  9. You cruel sick bastards this barbarek shit must stop on these innocent animals this is fucking disgraceful Karmas on its way to youall and all your family these people need to be sentenced and jailed

    • This is not humane! You are nothing but low life humans! Those animals have feelings and they hurt just like humans! This has to stop!!

    • You just took the words out of my mouth!! Nicely said! This bullshit needs to stop now!

  10. Fire these POS!!

  11. Just thinking about and looking at these innocent precious animals makes me sick thinking about how they were and are treated. I cannot imagine the pain they must be enduring. Sombody needs to step up and get things changed. Get rid and get them charged with animal cruelty the people showed doing this to these animals. Send them to prison and get new caring people to take care of these animals. Humane people that want to help them not hurt them. Leadership of memphis needs to change just as leadership of animal control needs to change immediately. Stand up for these animals now!

  12. Is “thank you” an appropriate term for what you’ve done here? We do not live in Memphis, but my sister and I have quickly learned deplorable things that happen at MAS. We try desperately to help others understand just how bad it is, but this perfectly sums up the horrors of that place. So yes, thank you, for this – and helping spread the word.

  13. Murderers

  14. Stop euthanasia

  15. I cannot believe that the people of Memphis don’t care more about what is happening at their shelter. Someone local needs to start a campaign to fight this. I have watched for many months the animals posted that are there and felt that I was looking into the eyes of a dead animal because I knew once they were there, they had no chance.

    • Tamara – there are those here who do care. Those who have been trying for years to implement change. Until the mayor is gone and a new one is ready to take on the battle… we will keep raising our voice.

  16. How can I help??

    • Linda, thank you for the question. I’d say, if you live in Memphis – VOTE. If you know people who live in Memphis, inform them. Otherwise, be aware and share. Tell folks that Memphis isn’t just about BBQ and Elvis. 😦

  17. FIRE AC WHARTON! That’s a beginning…!

    • Agreed! I just hope the voters agree as well!

  18. The whole system needs to be redone get rid of the bad guys and get someone I there who cares and can make changes

    • I couldn’t agree more!

  19. Para esto piden y piden donaciones todos los refugios de animales? Para que los reciben? Para que la pasen peor que en la calle. Pobres animalitos con semejantes supuestos cuidadores, váyanse de constructores,mineros u otro trabajo. Son tan crueles que no se quien los puede clasificar de humanos son unos crueles SALVAJES.

  20. Non coment horrore

  21. Ok you have all these photos and maybe video did you send any of it to the state, AG&M, hell the govenor??? The State of NC just revoked 2 county licenses! In Raleigh, North Carolina, the licenses of the Guilford and Davidson County Animal shelters have been revoked because of “systemic failure to adequately care for animals,”
    This just happened.
    Has anyone tried to impeach this loser Mayor? If the tax payers know this is happening and they say they care why aren’t they impeaching this bastard and the ones backing him! Where is the DA and judges in the mayors pocket?

    • Governor Haslam of Tennessee is fully aware. Letters have been written. It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

  22. Basta

  23. Could you find an e-mail address for a local newspaper and provide a link with this article, if enough disgusted, and hopefully, international messages poured onto their news desk, they may decide that this facility was bringing their town into disrepute. It may turn out to be helpful in campaigning to have a newspaper onboard too.

    • There is an investigative reporter that is continually on this story – and she’d good. So it’s especially frustrating despite the multitude of news stories that it never seems to get far.

  24. This place disgust me as a human being!

  25. This place gives me nightmares. Please vote Wharton out and fire that incompetent idiot Rogers next day. Put in someone who cares about animals and handles them with respect and compassion. Also change shelter to “NO-KILL”

  26. The most important first step to stopping the murder of these helpless animals has already been mentioned, ie: ‘Fire AC Wharton!’
    Details for those outside the city of Memphis – our so-called ‘shelter’ is overseen by the city, making the mayor (AC Wharton) the real ‘man in charge’ All of the horrendous acts noted in this article occurred during his tenure. Despite international outcry, he has swept all concerns under the rug with excuses about ‘mistakes’. His most direct comment on the situation has been, as noted in the article, ‘shut up or put up’ (and that’s an exact quote, during his re-election campaign, no less!) in response to animal activists, caring residents, and the voters of Memphis.
    Here at ‘ground zero’, so to speak, the most critical action is for those reading this to VOTE on 10/8/15, and get this man out of office! If you are not registered, or need to update your info, the deadline is Sept. 8. Please prepare, and then get to the polls. Share this article, and educate and encourage other Memphis residents to do the same!
    For those of you outside of Memphis – as much as I hate to bring ‘bad press’ to my city yet again, PLEASE share this info with any and all outlets (media and otherwise), to bring the horrendous practices at MAS to the international forefront. Yes, this has been done in the past, but we can only hope another international outcry will bring results. There are many people here who fight every day for these poor animals, but we need HELP!

    • Well said, Nikki. Thank you!

  27. Commonsense if people have records of crimes against humans and societ,.why in the heck would you think they are safe to have around animals. Poor animals can’t speak up for them self when some a$&hat takes out their anger on them. I say clean house and do background checks. Poor babies.

  28. Schifo. Fate schifo. La sconfitta dell’intelligenza umana e la vergogna dell’umanità. Un mondo migliore con certa gente non ha speranza

  29. Fire them get rid of them maybe somebody higher up needs to do their. Job

  30. Fire them this is cruelty

  31. I hope the Mayor and all the so called people who manage such a place get their come uppance and soon. Has this been reported and/or found its way to the front page of all the newspapers in Memphis. Horrible and shameful.
    A total disgrace to humanity.

  32. This is horrible for those poor babies.
    Please contact Matt Albert. He is a lawyer who specializes in animal abuse cases and he has experience fighting the system with corrupt city officials, judges, Police and correctional officers etc. He is located in Buffalo but he has been building a network of lawyers who fight for animals in other states. He has his own Facebook page. I really hope he can help.

    • Me too

  33. I’m calling cnn and the new york time to investigate and report onthis maybe then someone will stop this!


  35. These monsters have to be stopped and punished!

  36. somw one please help stop the needless takeing of those innocent lives

  37. This is disgusting the people who work there and run it should be put in prison

  38. Firstable they must be immediately fired then they have to deal with law and possible go to prison.

  39. What a disgrace on this place. They should be ashamed. Full prosecution has to be made

  40. How come black people seem to be so cruel to animals ??

    • this really has nothing to do with race Helen. I have seen some pictures,etc of white people being as evil so animal abuse isn’t limited to one race or another.

  41. Fire them all and jail them now they are evil vile people this is disgusting

  42. Unaccepted this is pure abuse, what is more horrible those scumbags are getting paid!!

  43. Sick how people can treat animals so cruel!

  44. Cruelty to animals has to stop!

  45. We need to start emailing or calling American Society for Humane Treatment of Animals that serves Memphis area and demand that something be done. This is what they do and this type of treatment of animals should not go on another day. Here is their contact info if anyone wants to call/email them:
    Hours of Operation:
    24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

    Service Area:
    Serving Memphis, Tennessee, and Greater Southland



  46. this is unacceptable.,,dispicable.,,reform is needed now

  47. As a a veterinarian and as a human being I can see this situation needs to be dealt with. Too many good people trained in animal care need jobs to allow this crew and those that manage them to continue to treat their charges this way. The Humane Society of the United States should be investigating this.
    Judy A Webb DVM

  48. Stop this, Stop this, Stop this. Get rid of all the monsters who
    Are committing these inhumane and barbaric acts and fire and
    Prosecute all!!!!!! This is sick and has to be punished and stopped.
    What is wrong with you people??? Monsters!!!!

  49. […] response garnered on my blog post this week about Memphis Animal Services has been overwhelming – over 2000+ shares across several pages […]

  50. Shameful and criminal!!!!!

  51. Totally inadmissible, how cruel 😦

  52. Something has to be done and something can be done if people put it together and have and work on it this mayor should be out of office and anybody affiliated with him that condones this this is animal abuse this is horrific these people need to be put in jail now

  53. Mayor tells his constituents to
    “Put up or shut up” ?!!
    They should now tell him to
    “Pack up and back up”
    Nobody with violent convictions should be employed in such workplaces. There should be only veteranarians employed and ‘euthanasia’ stopped alltogether.
    All male pets should be neutered and females allowed 1 litter of pups. Properly resourced regional animal welfare group tasked with enforcing such matters as well as rehoming abandoned pets without such restrictive time limits that effectively create ‘dog death rows’.
    It’s lax enforcement and insufficient penal deterrants that allow the present paradime to exhist.
    There has to be a draconian punishment for all animal cruelty to get the message accross to these abusers.

    • Every female should be able to have 1 litter, are you kidding me, that’s why we are in this shape now, to many idiots letting their puppies have puppies? NO, SPAY AND NEUTER ALL DOGS CATS AND THE MORONS WORKING AT THIS SHELTER TOO. We have enough dogs for every home in America to own 2 per house, that’s to many. I can’t believe you just wrote that, did you not know that over 6 million dogs are killed each year, yes 6 million every single year. Please be responsible pet owners and have your pets neutered, this is the reason we are in this mess now. I am a rescuer of dogs and I hear this more times than I can count, it really sickens me to think that people are still this mind set to think it’s okay for your dog to have an unwanted litter of puppies. Where will 4 out of 5 of them wind up, in the shelter, fighting the same fight these dogs are trying so desperately to deny. SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS, BE RESPONSIBLE!!!

      • You know what sickens me is people like you who think they are God. God did not put these animals on earth to not reproduce. I understand that there are a overwhelming amount of dogs and cats. But that is becsuse the people that take them in don’t take care of them and let them stray or are greedy and want to make money on these animals. How would you like to be made to have a, hysterectomy by the time you’re 18 so you could not have children? People would scream that is so crule.but its ok to do that to the animals? That is not what God intended. Annie’s assholes killing these animals the way they are should be in jail not working for the Humane Society the mayor needs to go to jail right along with them.

  54. They know they are going to die and they fight back, cower and more, these poor animals. They don’t want to die!!! This is not right and needs to be made known to everyone so nobody thinks this is a good option. So sad. Thank you Purrever Ranch for sharing and what else can we do? Oh how I wish I could have been there for them.

  55. This is sickening.

  56. There is a petition circulating, with link to this blog BUT no words about your legitimate petitions.

  57. they should all be prosecuted for there acts of cruelty all the employees fired and prosecuted and the adminastator fired and prosecuted and sent to prison with the others!!!!

  58. Fry these @$$

  59. Linda I worked at the Animal Shelter some 33 years ago. At that time, we had very little problems like this. Yes they had to put dogs down. To the est of my memory we lost maybe 1 or 2 animals while I was there. Animal that were being held for dog bites or court cases were never missing and all animals dogs cats, goats, horses cows chickens etc were all taken care of. As time went on I did education and visited schools and other orgs. to educate them on all areas of being a pet owner. I also stayed on the adoption side and made all animal were always clean watered and fed. Also walked the back too. If I did find something wrong I reported it to our director. I believe things were so much better then and now the employees don’t care about the animal it’s just a pay check and as long as this is just a pay check nothing is going to change. I’m so sorry things have to be this way but until their is better employees and officials I don’t know what is going to happen. The only thing I could suggest is that the shelter be taken over by a non-profit group and the hell with the city, the employees/volunteers would care about what they do for all the animals. I am an animal lover and would have a million if I had the place and could afford them. Good luck on this project.

  60. How and why is this still going on. Why wasn’t it done when it was found out a few yrs back. I don’t get it. Who allows this to happen. Dogs being raped by a felony.

  61. theses animals were given to us from god to love, why is that so hard to understand, I ‘m so sorry sweet ones that these people can’t understand that , you will be forever loved sweet little ones…..

  62. This is disgusting I really feel hate for ppl like this! And I don’t like feeling like that! This trash needs to be hung beaten tortured burned who cares. This has got too stop! We need laws to put ppl like this in electric chairs!

    • AGREED.

  63. I don’t see anything too sign

  64. Every one of those VILE creatures should be subjected to the same treatment they gave those poor defenseless animals.I wish I could join in whatever measures that are being planned to stop this slaughter but cannot[live in Ky.] but I pray with all my heart that these individuals, and the heartless Mayor, are punished severely for their actions or lack thereof. Best of luck to all who care.

  65. This is by far the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen. These people should not only be fired, they should be in a prison cell, getting the same treatment they give these poor animals..As an animal lover, I cannot even begin to imagine how these animals felt, already scared and stressed, then to be treated so inhumanely..I will share and sign everything I can..only wish I could do more!!

  66. Sounds as if the moneys given to the animal shelter is being divided from the top down and not used for the animals. So very sad.

  67. The mayor had said, “Put up or shut up” to the puplic about the abuses at mephis animal control and supports the staff there….what if people in memphis sue the mayor and each and every animal control employee? There’s got to be something the public can do. Can the mayor not be impeached? Somebody has to eother be heald accountable for the atrocities

    • Isn’t animal cruelty against the law there? Can’t they be shut down, arrested or something? I don’t understand.


  69. Fire those asshole employees. MAKE THIS A NO KILL SHELTER

  70. Reblogged this on Sherlockian's Blog and commented:
    Employees with links to dog fighting.. This abuse needs to stop ASAP.

  71. People in that area must stand up and rid themselves of those in office who uphold this horrific behavior….to do nothing is to approve of this torture and murder of innocent and helpless animals….

  72. This is a horrible shelter. The best way to fix this mess is to vote out the “good old boys” and elect a mayor that cares.

  73. I am appalled at how these people have so little disregard and compaction for these poor dogs who are fighting for there lives as we can all see how disgusting to be so callous and uncaring god it’s there last minutes on this earth should it be such a terrible traumatic one the men doing it should be instantly dismissed from this so called job.

  74. Sick to death of this sickening behavior they need to be dealt with this is serious cruelly abuse . harges need to be filed that place shut down.

  75. Arrêtons ce massacre

  76. If I hear one more time…Black Lives Matter…HOW ABOUT ANIMALS LIVES MATTER !!!!

    Treat people and animals how YOU would like to be treated….with respect. Or shall we start hanging you???



  77. You have to stop this. We’ll be watching.

  78. My dearest Linda B.
    Seems to me that everything has been tried and the abuse continues to occur. You still have one option that has not been tried yet. It only takes one compassionate person to change things. And what better motivator is there than competition. Run against wharton for mayor. Then use your documentation against him. This campaign will wake up memphis. You might even win. If his job is in jeopardy, he might clean it up before the polls open

  79. Today is 9/12/70 I just copied this from their page and the baby looks well and still alive to me!!!!

    Memphis Pets Alive updated their profile picture.

    Yesterday at 9:56am · Edited · .

    “Here’s how I feel about being at Memphis Animal Services since June!” – Kiki

    ‪#‎A279058‬ “KIKI”
    Black Domestic Short Hair
    Spayed Female, 2 years old
    Intake: 6/27/15 Review Date: 6/27/15
    I’m at Memphis Animal Services 901-636-1416

  80. I know this goes on You would have to be a sadist to work in a place that “euthanizes” animals

  81. Why can’t you get rid of all these horrific people?? OMG it seems they are all in this terrible racket! Just kill the animals don’t try to find them forever homes!!! How pathetic!!!

  82. What is wrong with theses people. They need to lose there job and bring them up on chargers. The poor animals are horrible where they are but now theses asshole hurting the poor animals. Please remove theses dickheads

  83. Schoften zijn het dit zijn geen mensen met een hart maar monsters

  84. This is sad. Need to stop this. The government needs to step.

  85. Memphis, look at your black men. Look at your facility. Now do something about both.

  86. Hopefully a new mayor is elected soon & people never give roar half wits doing this their day will come with a bit of luck.

  87. What I don’t UNDERSTAND is why are people still taking their animals there?? Don’t they know what is happening there? People should be in the parking lot and asking for people to not surrender their animals there maybe? Direct them to other shelters? Try to rehome the animals themselves or the people that are there in the lot take them and rehome them. Giant undertaking but it might help some animals being surrendered?

  88. I want these pieces if shit who work there. I want to hang gim and beat the living shit out of them. Now that u have proof and we see the motherfuckers face and doung it. I hope the hell they r doing something niw. Hope thiz puece of shit is fired. Please clean up this place. We r suppose to take care of these poor babies. I hope they rott in hell. Also the people who dont fix this

  89. HMMMMM and we are worried about ISIS,,,,,, what is in our midst….. how long before it gets to be a game with humans???????? and we as humans are supposed to be better than animals?????? I don’t believe animals kill each other for fun!!!!! This is being paid for by communities shame shame! come on Karma there are people ????? lining up for their come uppance

  90. This is so ugly, how can we call call this humame this is murder, and has to be stopped you cannot kill or murder any more animals. And the cruelty is not ethical. You have to stop I his insanity of yours, before a mob comes after you for deliberately causing these pets, yes pets not garbage like how you treat them. You are the most pathetic people on this earth. You are slime and you should pay for your crimes. This is supposed to be a place of safety, people that you can trust. But you turn into devils, you all should be banned from being around annimals, and owning them. I wouldn’t trust you people for a minute being around our children. Your cruelty can be dangerous around our children. If your capable of the abuse of innocent animals that need you, and you abuse them that causes alot of anger against you.. we expect you to do the right things with three animals. Obviously your not doing your jobs. You should be in prison for all the animal cruelty and deaths you’ve caused. You make me sick. If I was judge and jury you all would be in JAIL for a long while. There will never be a time for you to appoliz

  91. This is disgusting Those bastards need to be Jailed!!

  92. Heartless Niggers need to be hung.

  93. Stop kill animals

  94. I’m outraged at this HEARTWRENCHING abuse torture these evil human monsters are getting away with.The mayor is Shameful,the people should have him thrown out,along with all the monsters running that shelter.Any careing people must force this to End overwhelmed with heartache for these innocent loveing animals.if it were up to me I would use justice an eye for an eye.

  95. Memphis you disgust me! You know what is happening and do nothing? Vote this low life mayor out! The Memphis mayor has no heart and no morals to knowingly allow such cruelty WHY,WHY WHY have that disgusting excuse of a human being hold such a position of power and consequently power over you? To the sick morons perpetuating this cruelty I would like to say there is a special place in hell waiting for you with your name on!

  96. Who do they think is right. Let’s do it to them. You fuckers. Murders. They have rights u people are fuck.up STOP. GOD WILL PUNISH U

  97. If I ever go to Memphis I will personally visit them and if I see that I will not be responsible for what I do!

  98. As a humane society volunteer thid is beyond disturbing and has to stop.

  99. it’s so disheartening when you put your faith in an organization to do the right to thing and then they totally blow it by abusing animals, lying about what they are doing, killing for no reason and seeking public support and money so they can continue to abuse poor animals let people think they are humane but they are NOT!!!!!

  100. This article is old – I see that a new mayor was elected January 2016. Have there been any changes? Please update!

    • Diana – some. Not enough. But some.

  101. Very corrupted place and its inhabitants. Some serious cleansing is necessary to get rid of the human garbage that should never be allowed near shelter animals.

  102. This is so wrong to torcher sweet helpless animams that way. Every single person that works there needs to be treated just like they did those animals. Then they all need to be euthanized even the ones that knew about everything going on and did nothing. What is wrong with people anymore. I think these animal abusers do this to animals cause they are cowards and low lifes. I sure hope they get there karma coming to each and everyone of them!!

  103. To know that we have individuals who have no care for these innocent animals to know that these evil people continue to do this and a mayor who is heartless and souless turns away from cruelty is beyond evil.This shelter needs to shut down ASAP these beautiful cats and dogs have a right to live These humans have no right to live Please shut this evil shelter down I beg you. Justice needs to be served for these innocent fur beings let’s not continue to fail these fur beings

  104. This is cruelty beyond how can these people sleep at night get up in a morning and say they going to work pure evil

  105. HELL is waiting for all of you assholes!!!

  106. This is atrocious !!’ Why is nothing being done to these assholes!!! Shut this house of horrors down NOW this country is corrupt and needs swift justice and action and I don’t care if you post my name I hate people like this


  108. Hit them with everything to the full extent of the law they are murderous pieces of shit.

  109. Stop hurting animals please they have feelings

  110. These people need to get the the death penalty! This is soul deep, there is no cure to this sickness.

  111. Linda FYI…….ALL petitions are CLOSED!~

  112. These people need to hang! I’m disgusted and outraged that this has been taking place, a norm for them, on lookers and no one did a thing to stop it.
    Every person here needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extend, including the front desk people; Don’t tell me they didn’t know what was happening. May they all die in hell.

  113. Evil bastards humans.this evil humans need fucking hanging by the balls

  114. I’m calling theFBI. THIS IS “MANY CRIMES”

  115. Please free this beautiful animal to where it
    Belongs in its own habitat!! This is CRUEL ! Look at that sad helpless face ! What’s wrong with humans! Monsters😡

  116. .

  117. Thay should lock everyone up who is involved in such cruelty and treat them the same, no food,
    Water, put them to fight and lock them back up in the same condition.

  118. Please Memphis residence do something about this CRUELTY! It must be stopped!!!

  119. We all know now! To the ass-holes that carry out the inhumane treatment, lies and cover-up. Exposure….. it is coming and justice will be served! Time to belly crawl cowards! And to the new Mayor that refuses to address this horrific atrocities……a big cup of moral obligations to your city will be served as your reward!

  120. You’re fucked-up. You not people you’re BARBARIANS

  121. Hello. I think that you should get politicians involved, and some heavy protest. Cruelty should be dealt with. Those babies are suffering. Media coverage as well.

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