Posted by: Linda B | August 24, 2015

honor the warrior

Ginger & Maggie

Ginger & Maggie

Almost fifteen years ago I fell in love with not one but two “pitbull like” dogs in a short amount of time.  One came from a Baltimore shelter, a “yellow lab-pit mix” curled up and quiet at the back of her chain link kennel, and the other “mix” entered our life shortly after from the streets, defiant and abused but not yet broken – and it was only then that I learned what it means to be the companion to this amazing canine creation.

See, whilst defending yourself from being sat on, licked and loved into submission, you are immediately thrust into this world you may not have known existed; the world where renting an apartment becomes more difficult, sudden eviction can occur without reasonable cause, retaining your insurance becomes an operation of misrepresentation or outright lies and people even cross the street when you approach with your dog(s).

And for some of those reasons, when you become the guardian of a “bully” breed you no longer snap on just a leash – you snap on battle armor (called Awareness, Experience, Knowledge) on each walk or outing – whether you want to or not.

And you will want to.

Because once you spend time in the presence of these beautiful beings, these “inherently good” Angels among us, you will want the rest of the world to know their love, their silliness, their light.

Because even though strides are being made to increase awareness to battle abuse/cruelty, breed specific legislation (BSL) and discrimination, the fact continues to be that ignorance is prevalent in communities across every income and education level

Because they deserve our efforts to right the wrongs committed against them.

So when you see a noble soul with a “pitbull like dog” or a “bully breed” at the end of a leash or in their car or anywhere … you are looking at a champion in battle armor.

Respect the canine, honor the warrior.



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