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photo a day

the view from here


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photo a day



Love is Louder

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photo a day

brand new


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photo a day




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like that

How the hell did 3 months just go by like that?


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not the kid’s

Recently I read online:
Do you drive a minivan when you only have one child?
Listen, I know those sliding doors are sweet but you don’t have to do it! You can’t possibly have enough soccer gear to fill up that space. Go get a compact and take the extra money you’ll save on gas and go to a fancy schmancy dinner. You only have one kid! You can afford a sitter.
Hey… I LIKE my minivan even though I only have one child… besides it’s full of the Mister’s soccer stuff not the kid’s!
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a cool night

I’m sad today.

For weeks a Momma goose has been nesting out back. Proud Poppa chasing off everyone.  Yesterday they went for a swim together and while they were around the corner another family invaded the area (mom, dad & four goslings).

I chased the family off once but they’re still too close and I can’t get to them.  And unfortunately the male is far more aggressive than our original Poppa.  So, the nest remains abandoned after no attention overnight and Momma & Poppa can be seen across the lake, distressed.

They tried to come back this morning and were chased off again.

I suppose “it’s nature” but it makes me sad to see Momma & Poppa swimming back and forth, obviously upset…. and those babies are probably dead now after so long unattended and a cool night.

Posted by: Linda B | April 14, 2012

Love, Momma

Dear George,

Despite how you have completely turned our lives upside down, I could never imagine a second without you. When I’m exhausted and tripping over toys at 3 AM to get up with you, my mood instantly changes when I reach down to pick you up from your crib and you smile at me.  All things are forgiven for that smile alone and the little hands reaching up for me steals my breath, wrapping my heart in the warmest of sensations.

I have loved every moment of this first year.  Yes, every single moment.    I look forward to the next (and all the ones to follow).

Happy birthday, precious boy.



Posted by: Linda B | February 21, 2012

a peaceful existence

I’ve had a dual dog home for many years now, but the story has it’s ups and downs.

Adopted one dog from the Baltimore shelter – a mellow 2 yr old labpit mix.  Rescued another off the streets – pitboxer mix – turns out she was also about two years old.   I was really worried they wouldn’t get along and initial introductions were starting to go that way, but after a few days, those two dogs were inseparable!

Three years later my husband and I divorced.  As a result, he took one dog and I took the other – neither of us could handle (or have in an apartment) two dogs.  We did manage to give them lots of time together when either of us went on vacation or just needed a dual dog fix.  We made the effort because we knew those two dogs loved each other – played together, slept together, hung out together… were best friends.

Then I moved out of state for my job – 14 hours away. No more visits or play dates. I was a difficult decision but you go where your job goes these days.

A year after being a single dog owner, and with a new man in my life, we decided it was time to get another full-time dog to “replace” the other and give my single dog companionship while I was at work 8 hours a day.

We saw the most adorable Rott-Lab puppy on a shelter website, drove 2 hours to get there, 2 hours to bring him back, did all the right things to introduce him to my single dog and were so brilliantly pleased with ourselves that the introduction/adjustment had been seemingly so easy!    Maggie had a new companion!

And within days it became obvious that I had made a horrible mistake.

I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to match personality and energy level – not just temperament.  I now have an 8 year old dog who does not like her 2 year old “brother” very much because he has FAR too much energy for her – he is in her face all the time, he doesn’t understand her signals when she doesn’t want to be messed with, he has grown up bigger than her and doesn’t show a lot of respect for her aging abilities.

I am actually heartbroken – even two years later.  My single dog used to be the “silly” one with all the energy and fun… until the puppy came along.  Although I gave her as much (if not more) attention to make sure she knew she was loved, the energy level between the two is so dramatically different that it has affected the entire household.

My fun, sweet girl tolerates the second dog and we find ourselves constantly having to intervene so that he doesn’t bother her.   Every now and again she’ll attempt to play with the puppy but within moments she retreats to her kennel until he calms down and then she returns to just hang out with us.  She’s even more cautious about engaging with him now that she’s had to have knee surgery.

We’ve tried walking the puppy for longer walks, tried taking him to a local dog park on weekends (where he runs and runs and runs and runs) and even paid for “doggie day camp” to help run off the energy that he has – but it’s endless and he has yet show respect for her unless she growls at him.

After the first year of trying to make it work I actually tried to find the “new” dog another more suitable home, but despite my efforts – no takers. I refuse/d to take him back or to another shelter because of the kill rate around here — and truth is he’s a good dog.

He’s still with us but I feel badly for both.  The elder for not relaxing and enjoying every single day of her golden years, the younger for “getting into trouble” whenever he plays too hard.

Dual/Multi-dog families can be great… but I strongly recommend people have the RIGHT combo for a peaceful existence.

Posted by: Linda B | February 1, 2012

have back there

This morning someone leaned in, with a cheerful smile and wink, and said to me,  “I never would have thought you were so much fun.”

She was referring to a social engagement we both attended last Friday [which included free drinks, a DJ and photo booth with a selection of props].

I remember that I was suitably behaved so I laughed in return, “Ha! Ha! Thanks!” and as she walked away it struck me that I might actually want to be concerned.

I know I tend to be a bit “professional” at work, but what sort of reputation DO I have back there….?

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